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10 Most Popular Cute Boys Curly Hair Styles

Boys with curly hair have multiple options to choose from when it comes to hair styling. Whether they want tight hair curls or flowy rocks, there are numerous hairstyles for several occasions. Most people believe that it’s quite difficult to maintain curly hair, but the fact is that every type of hair needs maintenance. However, with proper styling skills, one can easily transform their hair into an impressive hairstyle. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the Best 10 Cute Boys Curly Hair Styles for those who are willing to experiment with different styling. 

9 Best Hairstyle Ideas For Cute Boys Curly Hair

Curl Faux Hawk

Guys with natural hair can easily opt for the curly faux hawk hairstyle. It is a trendy hairstyle that combines both the classic cut with natural curls. There are tapered cut on both sides and the top is about three inches long balanced with a spiky faux hawk. 

Moreover, if you want a little more volume in your hair you use the diffuser with a hairdryer. This is the perfect choice for weddings, parties, and also casual meetups with friends and is sure to make a statement.

Curly Hair Undercut

It has a cropped length from both the back and the sides of the head and is longer from the top with blowouts and mullets which makes them very charming. And the most interesting fact is that this hairstyle can be easily customized to suit different facial features such as face shape and hair textures. 

It is a perfect go-to hairstyle for busy mornings or men that are not gonna spend most of their styling them but yet showing off their curls in a modern way.

Messy Quiff Haircuts

A messy quiff that is curly is an original and eye-catching style for men, combining two distinct elements: classic quiff hairstyles as well as naturally curly hair. No matter where you go or what outfits you put on, this hairstyle will definitely turn heads. Curly quiffs appear more sophisticated and unique when compared to standard quiff hairstyles for men. They can be styled in various ways such as slicked brush, messy or spiked variations.

Permed Mullet

Don’t go overboard with your permed mullet when styling it. A neatly cut head of hair with faded sides will do just fine. You can style the hair loose and tangled for a more casual vibe or create an elongated pompadour for an elegant appearance. Permed mullets have made a comeback in recent years and are becoming increasingly sought-after by men looking for trendy hairstyles.

Slicked Back Curly Hair

Slicked-back curly hairstyles offer a polished and sleek appearance when styled to one side, giving a smooth look and definition. This hairstyle works best for boys with curly locks since it helps control frizziness and define curls. Hair can also be straightened or parted on one side for an even sleeker style. With the right products and techniques, this style can be effortlessly created and maintained throughout the day.

Blow-Dried Curls

Curly hair that’s been blow-dried can be an ideal hairstyle for both formal and casual events. For formal affairs, pull the curls into an elongated ponytail or low bun for a chic, sophisticated appearance; on casual days opt for leaving them loose and tangled; this messy-looking style is currently trending today; simply use your fingers to style them more stylishly for an effortless style that feels comfortable and professional.

Curly Tangled

For maximum dimension and volume, show off tangled curly hairstyles. Allowing the locks to expand naturally without brushing will give your locks more texture and flow. Men with this hair type should extend their locks until their natural curls begin to develop.

Curly Comb-Over

Use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to dry your hair at the lowest setting, creating curls without creating frizziness. This style requires using an emollient paste or spray to give definition and texture to the curls. Adding highlights or lowlights gives it a more casual and messy aesthetic.

Curly Low Fade

The curly low fade haircut is a type of male style in which both sides and the back of the head are gradually faded or tapered away to a shorter length. It usually begins with longer on top with waves or curls. It can be styled in various ways such as chaotic crop or curly fringe for endless styling options.

Did You Enjoy Our Guide On Cute Boys Curly Hair?

Every hairstyle, whether it’s medium or long curls, or short and textured hair can look amazing on boys with naturally curly hair. For some of them, it’s a curse but many see it as a blessing. The 9 ideas for cute boys curly hair that we have discussed in this article will help you get some inspiration to look stylish and help you to be confident to try something different. Choosing the right hairstyle and products for your hair type and facial features is crucial. It helps you create columns and texture. So, embrace your curls and let your personality shine through your hairstyle.


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