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20 Best Hijabes Trend 2023

The growing trend of the Hijab seems to be unstoppable with cultural diversity spreading globally. Hijab is the most preferred headwear to showcase style and your spiritual beliefs in a modest fashion circle. Gone are the days when it was simply meant to cover your head, now there are hundreds of unique Hijabes trend in 2023 that you can follow to make your hijab pair perfectly with the outfit you wear.

Arabic Hijab Style

Hijabes Trend 2023
Hijabes Trend Turban Style

This type of hijab is commonly worn in arab countries as an impression of faith and cultural identity. The hijab is mainly paired up with loose-fit outfits. It is a part of arab culture and an important aspect of the Islamic dress code.

Take a long rectangular scarf over your head, one side should be larger than the other, pinned under your chin then bring the longer side to your opposite shoulder, and then again flip it back to the other one, it’s that easy.

Oversized Scarves

Oversized scarves are a forever Hijab trend. It is usually made with an extra piece of fabric compared to other hijab styles for proper coverage and comfortability. The width of the material is larger than the average traditional hijab.

These are considered very versatile and one of the best style guides for modern hijabi women in 2023. It is made of a lightweight fabric and can be wrapped and tied in several styles. This is the most popular choice that is worn among women.

Printed Hijabs

These hijabs can be found in various designs such as Borcade, Floral, Bold, Abstract, Checked, Damask, and other patterns. The best way to wear printed hijabs is with plain clothing choice, especially in beige color.

The combination will look more unique and elegant. While selecting a printed hijab for your outfit, you may look for one tone that you would love to highlight with your dress. Moreover, always focus on the printing quality of the fabric you buy.

Innovative Sports Hijab

The sports hijab comes in different types such as sports caps (that are easy to wear), stretch hijab, slip-resistant, and others with a flexible structure. It’s a sportswear hijab that can be worn while training, running, doing yoga, biking, racing, cycling and even walking.

It is a must-have item for any kind of sport. Wear slim-fit tights and a hood to make this look more stylish. These can be plain, textured, or knitted and are designed to give you comfort, covers your head, and help you perform more confidently.

The Effortless Beauty

Hijabes Trend 2023
Hijabes Trend Effortless

The Effortless Hijab is one that is simple, easy to wear, and doesn’t take much time. It can also be tied by using only one pin with a polished look. The hijab is usually made of breathable and lightweight material, making it easy to put on and take off. The Effortless hijab is popular because of its simplicity, and for a relaxed and casual look.

The Bow-Tie

This style involves typing a long and wide rectangular hijab at the back of the head in the form of a bow. This type of hijab covers the head and ears, then two equal ends of the scarf are brought to the back, where it is tied in a neat bow. You can adopt this style in your everyday routine, it’s easy to wear without using pins and other stuff.

Wrapping Hijab With Accessories On It

Creating a fancy head look using chains, beads, pins, and other accessories requires a hijab cap to balance them. The hijab gets loose sometimes because of the weight of the jewelry. That is why one should wear a hijab cap matching it with your outfit or scarf print. This type of trend is very in among Muslim hijabistas. To decorate your hijab, you can find accessories online to pair with your scarf.

Side-Pinned Hijab Style

It is the most basic and versatile hijab trend. This is a type of hijab that can be worn with any kind of technique and lastly pinned to one side, typically above and below the ear.

It can be paired with any kind of outfit. Young teenage girls in schools and colleges mostly like this trend. In addition to this, the hijab can be customized in any style to suit your personal preferences.

Hijab To Show Earrings

This is one of the most elegant looks to show your favorite pair of earning even with covering your head. It is a perfect combination of traditional hijab with contemporary jewelry items, that peek out from under the hijab. Choose the earrings and scarf that matches well with your dress. You can easily style yourself on a special occasion.

The Renowned Turban Style

The Renowned Turban Style has nothing to do with Islamic culture and traditions. Silk, cotton, velvet, and chiffon are the best-recommended material for turban hijabs. It is shaped in a long rectangular piece, that is then wrapped around your head to create a snug and perfect fit. 

It is often loved by modern Muslim women to create a modest style look. Furthermore, if you want to show your earrings and tops while wearing hijab go for a turban-style hijab.


These are definitely on trend for hijabes in 2023. Balaclavas are the latest trends in many counties. It is made of a stretchy warm material that covers the head, neck face, and ears. It is usually provided with a headband and a snug fit to protect you from cold weather. This type of hijab can be considered sportswear for women who want to cover their heads with a secure fit while performing outdoor activities.

Hijabes Trend 2023: Hijab Styles As Per Occasions

Hijab Style For A Wedding Bride

Silk, satin, and embroidery scarves are perfect for a bridal. Your wedding outfit and scarf should be of the same tone. Crystal headpieces add a more glamorous look to your hijab style and are more popular for brides. Here are some stylings tips for Brides:

  • Classic Hijab
  • Contrast Based Hijab
  • The Passa over
  • Mono-Tone 

Hijab Style For A Party

Eid-ul-Fitr is ahead and everyone is demanding a perfect Hijab look for this upcoming event. There are several styling tips for parties that one can style and customize on their own without much effort. You should look for a silk or chiffon scarf that gives a bit fancy look to your overall outfit along with some accessories. There are some color combinations that are in the hijabes trend 2023:

  • The beige color scarf looks perfect with the purple, turquoise, green, and Black outfit.
  • A gold and grey color scarf with a maroon outfit and golden embellishments. 
  • A Black turban-style hijab with some white pearls.
  • A plain outfit with a multi-color hijab.

Hijab Style For Engagement

When it comes to your own special occasion in life, you will find yourself stuck between several hijab styles. It must be difficult for you to pick one style that suits best your engagement outfit. 

The Criss-cross hijab style is considered the best engagement style hijab for ladies. This might look a bit hectic to you but it’s quite easy to make. It looks amazing with a long gown, maxi, and tunics. Moreover, you can accessorize it with some matching pins.

Hijabes Trend 2023: Hijab Styles For Different Face Shapes

Hijab Style For Round Face

Your face looks even much bigger when you wear hijab especially when it accentuates below your cheekbones. When you wrap a scarf around your face make sure you tie it loose and also expand it over your chest to create a modest look. Make sure the style you pick complements your overall personality.

Hijab Style For Oval Face

You can go for numerous hijab styles for this type of shape. This is considered one of the best shapes to style your hijab perfectly. The flip and curves of the hijab give it a soft shape and look neat. 

Hijab Style For Diamond Face

This shape is also known as a heart-face shape. A person with diamond shapes usually has a pointed chin and higher cheekbones. Layering is the best way to style your hijab such as a criss-cross style but make sure don’t wrap it around your face tightly.

Hijab Style For Square Face

A face with straight jaw lines and equal chin points is a square shape. You can maintain the balance of the veil by losing the sides of the face from jaw lines. Additionally, If you wear the lighter veil, it will even out your facial texture.

Did you find our guide on Best Hijabes Trend 2023 helpful?

We are glad that you took the time and read our guide on 20 Best Hijabes Trends 2023. The Top 20 best hijab trends unveil the creativity of hijab and welcome women of all ages and backgrounds to implement these style guides while also observing their religious values. Whether you’re looking for daily wear or special occasion style tips, this article offers a comprehensive overview of the 20 Best Hijabes Trend 2023

Hijab is an impression of faith, culture, and a person’s identity and continues to be a source of beauty. Even if you are searching for simple and plain textiles, vibrant colors, or specific patterns, there is sure to be something according to your taste that helps you feel confident about your personality.


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