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Homecoming Mum Trends: 15 Viral Trends of 2023

Homecoming Mums are a tradition that has been around for decades in Texas and some other states. Professional crafters from Texas, Mexico, and Oklahoma spend 3 or more months every year making special memories for students in high schools all over the world. It’s a fast-paced and hectic process. It requires consistency, determination, and concentration. The Homecoming Mum Trends is more than just flowers, glitters, and ribbons today.

Homecoming Mums and Garters used to be a real bouquet of flowers with some pins and tulle, but in recent years, they’ve moved to extravagant designs that are becoming more popular across other states, aside from Texas.

History Behind Homecoming Mum Trends

Homecoming is a time of celebration. It’s a celebration of both community and school spirit.

The annual game between Harvard-Yale invites alumni back to their homes for THE BIG game since the 1870s, but the beginnings of the first homecoming celebrations aren’t clear yet. In 1910, Baylor University, Illinois, and Missouri were the frontrunners who scheduled and hosted their first celebrations of homecoming.

Despite the controversy, the early homecoming celebrations each had a common feature the fact that football games were the center of the event, and there were dances, parades, and rallies for all who attended. In order to foster a greater spirit of school pride these events are designed to bring together students and alumni. It was a huge success.

As rallies and games became more popular, the custom of a young man giving the corsage of the chrysanthemum to his girlfriend became the norm. For a long time, flowers were a simple small bouquet and a couple of ribbons. In the 1970s however, the homecoming mom became more than just a corsage. Homecoming Mum Trends today include huge silk bouquets with bells, ribbons, and ribbons as well as stuffed animals, and even candles. There’s just one word that defines the reason for gifting and wearing homecoming mums. And that is TRADITION. Mums are a symbol of love for a male and a girl or between parents and a child.

Hottest Homecoming Mum Trends You Should Follow in 2023

Our top 15 fashion trends of the Homecoming Mum trends of 2023 are:

Finger and Wrists Mums

It’s a trend that is taking off! Finger Mums and Wrist mums are other items of the spirit that students are wearing. However, not only students but moms as well as little sisters are also getting involved in the trend too! These wrist moms may be smaller than pee wee mums and are just the right size to fit your arm!

Braids Mum

Nothing fills in a mum more than braids. In 2020, Braids were considered at the top of the list due to being among the most requested items available. There are so many kinds of braids available that you can get an entirely new style every year. Box braids, Bling braids, diamond braids, heart braids, and the styles go on. The mum makers are getting ever more inventive with these braids every year.

Strings Mum

In 2017, this came up on the Not Hot list. Later it was re-released as Not Hot because the students didn’t like it! String mums slowly came out from the homecoming mum trends due to their grimy look so people started to remove this design from their list. This is a simple style that can get messy and can make your mom look old-fashioned.

Boas and Feathers Mum

Boas was one of those things that came into the market with a bang and then never left. This kind of boa is important. Boas that are small from craft stores aren’t the best. Students ask for fluffy big boas with fluffy feathers that poof and fill the mum. There are other trends in Boas and many are yet to come. Boas are very lit, glittered, and draped and it can be found in many colors. We’ll be seeing an entirely new Boa this year, which is likely to end up on the next list. We’re keeping it as a surprise!

Light Up Mum

The list of lights updates each year. They sometimes make the in and often out of the list. In 2020, lights will continue to be trendy. The only thing that isn’t out is flashing multi-colored carnival lights. This light was used to distract the children. Therefore, there were not allowed to turn them on until the football game is over. The solid white lights are on and light inside the boa as well as the mum’s head!

Patterned Mum

Patterns Mums were trending back in 2020. They are cohesive and look fantastic together. There is no need to stick with just one color, today we can incorporate patterns into mums and students love them! They will even request the design they like. Don’t be scared of patterns. They add an array of depth to homecoming mums and could be the only factor that makes it stand out!

Title and Quotes Mum

Students request bible passages and words such as “Daddy’s Girl” or Champion Bull Rider”. They love to write their parents’ or coaches’ slogans on the ribbons. It doesn’t matter if there’s written “Homecoming Court” or sweet such as “Mom’s Brat” or “Our Time Is Now”.  These phrases are meaningful and make their mum’s creation more special and personalized to the people who received it.

Animal Print Mum

Animal prints are back. The students aren’t the only ones picking prints they like but also their school mascot! Cheetahs, zebras, tigers oh my! Animal prints can also be paw prints, too. If they’re used in the right manner they look super cool.

Burlap Mum

You can find this material everywhere. From weddings to decor for your home, Burlap is always there. It’s a rustic look that first appeared on the mum scene around five years ago, and this trend still is relevant in the upcoming times.

Blinged Braids Mum

This concept is so popular that it is going to stay relevant for a long time. You can add some beads and sparkles to your braids.

Ornamented Mum

Trinkets are a classic mum trend and people still love it. The most sought-after things in the modern mum style include the usage of gorgeous ornaments. They could be symbolic of a sport, a particular fashion, or even religious beliefs. This idea is going to stick around for a long time.

Pearls Mum

In the past few years, we’ve witnessed the popularity of pearls in the design of mum. From braid trimming to classic pearls keep appearing in our wonderful little Texas tradition.

Sash Mum

This was a result of a vote. In 2020, students voted on the latest trend for mums. More than 82% chose the mum sash. They’re classy and make for an impressive entrance. The girl’s eyes sparkle when they look at them and we think they’re super cool we hope to see more upcoming trends in the near future.

Rose Gold Mum

The year’s most significant and vibrant trend is rose gold. It’s a gorgeous pinkish-gold color that can be seen all across weddings, home decor, and even MUMS. This year, they’re offering a Rose Gold package for all of our mum designs. People are excited to get ready for this new and exciting trend. 

Decor Bear Mum

Homecoming Mum trends can be promoted by utilizing adorable teddy bears. You can use them to complete other projects, or simply to give as gifts. Moreover, these plush bears make an ideal addition to your senior homecoming mum. Attach them with glue or pins to the mum’s accessories however you like!

Did You Find the Perfect Homecoming Mum Trends for You?

In this guide, we have compiled a variety of different and amazing homecoming mum trends ideas for you. We hope that you enjoyed the Top 15 Homecoming Mum Trends that are becoming more popular in Texas and other neighboring countries. For a long time, homecoming mums were easy and simple to design and create. But over the past few years, crafters are coming up with some new styles and trends. For more, stay tuned to MyPureCare


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