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14 Unique Hair Color Ideas For Short Hair

Dying your hair is one of the hottest trends of this decade with no signs of slowing down. Before it was a fashion statement, hair colors were only used to cover signs of aging (white hair). Nowadays, people are using a wide color palette of hair dyes to reflect their personalities in the best way possible. So, we’ll be covering the most Unique Hair Color Ideas For Short Hair you want to use in 2023.

Pastel Pinks

Get yourself a trendy diva look with pastel pink hair dye. It’s not only fourteen’s but adults can rock it as well. It’s simply gorgeous and cool at the same time.

A Combination Of Pink And Red

It is an easy way to create a boyish look, with neatly trimmed hair and then later dying it in a mix of pink and red. This type of look is ideal for women and easy to maintain. It gives you a two-toned hair look for your short hair. 

Rose Gold Balayage Waves

This hairdo suits best on all hair lengths. These stunning rosy waves buck up your look and give alluring pop of color to your hair. The balayage layers and wavy look add volume and oomph to your hair and scream confidence. But the most interesting fact is that at first, it gives a raspberry shade but later fades into charming rose gold. 

Chocolate Brown

Unique hair color ideas for short hair
chocolate brown

It is one of the versatile hair colors that come in different shades from dark brown to lighter tones, each shade gives a rich and shiny look. We recommend using the dark brown shade as it’s a great entryway for beginners to use chocolate-colored hair dyes. 

Jet Black Hair

Black dye for short hair is no doubt a bold decision and can be striking beauty. Black usually volumizes your hair. Even applying highlights to pure black hair makes them even prettier which punches up your personality. It’s likely a versatile and classic choice for short hair. Furthermore, it can complement various fashion waves and skin tones. 

Dark Green Hair

Short haircuts often need a pop of color to get the right statement. Green, blood red, purple, blue, and orange are those colors if you are brave enough to do it. It’s essential to consider your hairstyle and skin color that suits your facial features. You can find dark green in different color shades. Some of them are neon hues, bright greens, and deep forest greens.

The Classic Highlights

These classic highlights never go out of style. It’s a perfect tone for those who crave to try some lighter shades. But these shades can add life to your hair if you try them with a jet-black base color. These highlights can be of different shades including honey blonde, platinum, caramel shade, brown highlights, brown ombre, etc. These blonde hairs also look hot and classy with flowy waves or loose curls.

Lavender Ombre On Bob Cuts

Give your hair a splash of purple with the lavender color palette. This cool hair dye lets you showcase a fun but muted personality to others around you. This is considered one of the most Unique Hair Color Ideas For Short Hair.

Neon Yellow Hair

If you are feeling low and struggling with your current hair look, you can still jazz up and be different from others with a touch of neon. It’s a mix of both yellow and green tones that make it together. These bright yellow hair colors such as canary yellow, pastel looks, and neon are perfect for summer.

Intense Classic Copper

These gorgeous copper hair are simply stunning. For people who prefer dark hair shades, this tone of copper is worth considering. after upgrading yourself with the classic copper, opt for curls not just waves. it varies from a soft natural look to an intense and deep copper shade. If you try this timeless intense copper shade, make sure you do it with darker roots and light ends. 

Shining Silver

Unique hair color ideas for short hair
shining silver

If you desire soft, silky, and shiny hair, you must go for metallic silver hair color. Ensure that the dye should be of high quality and free of harsh chemicals that will surely damage your hair after a few days. You can find silver hair in different varieties of shades. Some popular colors include gunmetal grey, icy white, etc. 

Rich Brown

This rich brown shade has a touch of black, a mix of a  black-brown tone. It’s elegant, charming, and requires less keep-up. There are several influencers and celebrities upgrading their look with this classic color. It depends on you how you style it in a timeless way. 

Moreover, you can even apply highlights with a dark brown base color. These shades come in a variety of tones such as chocolate brown, cappuccino brown, mushroom brown, dark honey brown, chestnut brown, pastel brown, etc. 

Dusty Rose Pink Color

Dusty rose is one of the most unique hair colors you can dye your hair with. It has an ashier pink with a velvety look combined with rose pink that has a sheer look. 

Basically, this dye is made up of light shades of pink and red color which makes it one of the most popular options out there.

Purple Base With Orange

Want a perfectly balanced hair dye? Try blending purple with orange hair dye to give yourself a balanced look: a great combination of bright and dark personality. 


And there you have it. We have listed some of the most Unique Hair Color Ideas For Short Hair. In 2023, we hope that you like one of the colors on our curated list and we are sure it will look great on you. However, there are several other combinations of hair colors you can try on your own. So, best of luck figuring out the best hair color that goes well with your personality.


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