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French Foodie In Dublin: An Irish Foodie

French Foodie In Dublin Irish Food Blog Tours And Events is your go-to guide for everything French cuisine related in Dublin. From French Food Blog and Tours to traditional recipes and restaurants, we provide expert information and insights from experienced guides. Come join us as we discover some of Dublin’s best restaurants, bistros, and traditional dishes with us!

What’s French Foodie In Dublin, Irish Food, Tours, And Events?

Ketty Quigley was born in France and soon relocated to Dublin in 2014. Ketty fell in love with an Irish guy and hasn’t left the beautiful island of Ireland! She has worked within the tourism industry for several years, and she has traveled to more than 40 countries before launching her own food tour company in 2013.

In 2012, the blog was started to keep a record of her culinary experiences and to share her passion for Dublin’s culinary scene. She manages Delicious Dublin Tours and was honored to be named one of Failte Ireland’s 21 Irish food champions from 2016 until 2019.

She only posts about places that ketty’s pleased to recommend, be it a fine dining establishment or the hidden gems of a cafe. Since 2012, it’s won several awards and has been featured in a variety of Irish publications.

 Ketty is a Ballymaloe Cookery School graduate and she completed the intense 12-week certificate course in 2015. She graduated with an MS in Food Studies in 2019. She loves to cook in her tiny kitchen in Dublin and discover the best restaurants in this amazing city and share her experiences with other people.

The Story Behind French Foodie In Dublin

Delightful Dublin Tours is the brainchild of Ketty Quigley a French native who is from the Loire Valley and fell in love with Dublin in the year 2004.

Ketty worked as a travel agent for several years. In the middle of the recession, frustrated by her job, she began a food-related blog named ‘French Foodie in Dublin’ to express her love for cuisine and Dublin.

She built a following of thousands of followers who trust her recommendations for food. In 2013, Ketty quit her job as a secretary to embark on the path of entrepreneurship and freelancing for what she loves on an almost daily basis. Ketty has never been back to work since.

In 2015, Ketty founded Delicious Dublin Tours after graduating from the Ballymaloe Cookery School. She is enthusiastic about Irish foods and developed authentic food experiences that showcase Dublin’s exciting food movement, and Ireland’s rich food culture.

Her aim is to bring Irish folks pride in the food traditions and also to help tourists return home with memorable Irish meal memories.

In 2019, Ketty is a sucker for all things food-related and she completed her Master’s in Gastronomy and Food Studies. She is currently studying Ph.D. in Irish food history at Technological University Dublin.

Ketty has been awarded numerous honors and was named “Food Influencer of the Year in 2017. She was among the 21 Irish Food champions named by Failte Ireland from 2016 until 2019. 

Her blog and tour have been featured in a variety of Irish and international publications. The year 2022 was the time Ketty received a nomination in the “Local Food Hero” section for Dublin in the Irish Restaurant Association Awards. But most importantly, Ketty is determined to ensure you have the best time you can in Dublin!

Experience A Wide Range Of Cuisine With French Foodie In Dublin

Dublin is a city known for its diverse and delicious food scene. French Foodie is a culinary tour company that offers a unique way to explore it. Led by experienced French guides, the blog tours take you on a culinary journey through the city, introducing you to the best and most authentic French restaurants and bistros.

You’ll have the opportunity to taste a wide range of French cuisine, from traditional dishes like escargots and bouillabaisse to more contemporary creations like foie gras and truffle risotto. The blog also shares their knowledge of French food culture, history, and the art of French cooking.

The tours are great for both foodies and non-foodies alike, as they cater to all tastes and preferences. Whether you’re a lover of haute cuisine or just looking for a casual bite, French Foodie has something for everyone.

What Makes French Foodie In Dublin Irish Food Blog Unique Compared To Other Food Blogs?

  • French Foodie in Dublin is the only food blog dedicated exclusively to French cuisine in Dublin, providing readers with a unique perspective of the city’s dining scene.
  • This blog is run by experienced French guides with a comprehensive knowledge of French food culture and history, providing insights and information that other food blogs cannot offer.
  • They also offer culinary tours in Dublin, where visitors can sample the best of French cuisine with expert guides.
  • Their blog showcases both classic French dishes and modern creations – something for everyone’s palate and preferences.
  • They also showcase a selection of restaurants and bistros in Dublin, so our readers can discover new spots to eat and explore.
  • French Foodie in Dublin is the go-to resource for anyone wanting to sample some of Dublin’s finest French cuisine, whether you’re an expert foodie or simply seeking a delectable meal.

Accomplishments Of French Foodie In Dublin

No. Year Type Award
1. 2012 Expats Blog Best Expat Blog Ireland
2. 2013 Blog Awards Ireland Best Personal Blog
3. 2013 Blog Awards Ireland Best Newcomer Blog
4. 2014 Blog and Online Publishing Award Best Food Read
5. 2014 IMAGE.ie Blog Awards Best Food Blog
6. 2017 SHEmazing Awards Food Influencer Of The Year


Choose The Right French Dublin Restaurant

  • Finding the ideal French restaurant in Dublin can be a challenge. But with expert French chefs on board, you’re guaranteed an authentic and delicious dining experience. Here are some tips to take into consideration when selecting your French restaurant:
  • Restaurants specializing in French cuisine. You’ll find classic dishes like escargots, Bouillabaisse, and coq au vin here.
  • Ask locals or French experts for their top recommendations when it comes to restaurants; they will be able to suggest the best places for you to visit.
  • Discover a restaurant that offers both traditional and modern French food for an exciting dining experience.
  • Never be afraid to ask questions when dining out. Restaurant staff is knowledgeable about the menu and ingredients, which can help you make an informed decision.
  • Be sure to do your due diligence and research, then check the restaurant website and online reviews to get a sense of what to expect.

Did You Find Our Guide On French Foodie In Dublin Informative?

We hope you found our guide on French Foodie In Dublin Irish Food Blog Tours And Events informative. It offers a unique perspective of French cuisine in Dublin as well as tips from French food experts and covers food blogs, tours, and events. Irish Food Blog also provides information about the culinary culture and history of France along with how to master French cooking techniques – making these tours suitable for foodies as well as non-foodies alike! With this guide in hand, explore new and interesting French bistros and restaurants around Dublin! Let’s have some food!

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