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Laura Fuentes – Food Lifestyle Entrepreneur

“Laura Fuentes Food Lifestyle Entrepreneur” has got a degree in Global Economics and MBA. She was raised in Spain but later moved to the USA with no prior knowledge of English. She met her husband while completing the MBA in International Business Development in graduate school.

Laura was a corporate worker but then resigned to concentrate on parenting. During this time she worked from home but now she works outside, travels a lot and even became the CEO of her own company.

Article Highlights

  • Laura Fuentes is a Food Lifestyle Entrepreneur and a blogger who’s majored in Global Economics and has an MBA Degree.
  • She started her blog back in 2010 to encourage moms into following a healthy lifestyle while also balancing their work and family responsibilities.
  • Laura’s blog covers a whole range of topics including unique recipes, comprehensive cookbooks, healthy eating tips, and fasting methods.
  • She’s also highly skilled and a competent speaker who’s often invited to food conferences, festivals, meets, and other major food events.
  • The main focus of her content is geared toward self-care and providing nutritional food to your kids.

Laura Fuentes: Food Lifestyle Entrepreneur

She started her blog “Laura Fuentes” in 2010 to share her mommy experiences, and share the meals she cooks. Due to the rapid growth in social media, her blog’s popularity grew, and soon found one more business, MOMables, in 2012. Laura is passionate about helping mothers by guiding them through the complexities of motherhood.

She’s an experienced blogger and has a great understanding of managing an online business and finding success. She’s open about her personal experiences both the success and the setbacks. 

Laura Fuentes is a highly skilled and competent speaker. She has been a speaker at private events such as food festivals, blog conferences, food conferences, and among others. She’s known for her authentic speaking style and in-depth knowledge of how to provide your kid with nutritious food. Laura has got the privilege of speaking in small and large audiences and is comfortable speaking in front of audiences of up to 150 such as Bryant Park in NYC.

She talks about feeding your kids nutritious meals, operating a successful business, and sharing her experiences being a blog owner, entrepreneur, and author. She’s also a self-taught cook. And shortly after her marriage in 2003, she learned to cook at home through different resources such as Barnes & Noble cookbooks, Food Networks, and library books.

Laura Fuentes Food Lifestyle Entrepreneur Blogger Covers a Wide Range Of Topics


Laura Fuentes shares her personal cooking experiences with her readers on a daily basis. She’s a self-taught chef and loves to discover more recipes by using multiple sauces, spices, herbs, and veggies. “Laura Fuentes” is a foodie blog where she updates readers with recipes, cooking tips, and techniques. There you will also get to know how to cook different kinds of meals using the same ingredients everyone has in their kitchen. Her love for food is reflected in her writings. Laura motivates others to try new things and loves the art of cooking. Whether you are an experienced cook or just starting out, you will surely love to follow Laura’s foodie blog.


Laura Fuentes, the mastermind behind “Laura Fuentes Food Lifestyle Entrepreneur” is not just a food enthusiast but also an author of several cookbooks. From quick late-night cravings to low-calorie diet plans, Laura’s cookbooks cover everything in great detail. You will find plenty of meal guides and inspiration in her cookbooks. She’s the author of “101 Packed Lunches”.

Furthermore, Laura travels to different cities, and countries and explores different cultures to discover more ingredients and try out unique recipes for her blog readers. The cookbook guides on her blog are filled with quick, healthy, and nutritious meals. These recipes are easy to follow and your family will love them.

Healthy Eating

The Family KickStart Program is a complete guide to cooking and eating a healthy and nutritious meal. It includes food recipes that you can make by using healthy ingredients that your children are more likely to love. It’s a 30-day family meal plan. 

Laura has written five different cookbooks since she started her blog in 2011. All these years, the family was affected and diagnosed with food allergies and eating struggles. So, she started looking for solutions and came up with clean eating programs. The goal is to use wholesome and healthy ingredients to write recipes that are both good and delicious for you. 

Moreover, she empowers families to make healthy eating choices and develop them as long-term habits. With a wide variety of recipes and guides, Laura’s approach to healthy eating will definitely help you reach your fitness goals and make your family happy and active!


Since 2009, Laura has been practicing intermittent fasting while being a busy mom. Before that, you need complete plans, schedules, food, and more. On her blog, she writes about the benefits, and challenges of intermittent fasting and how to overcome your fear. Laura guides you about how intermittent fasting can be incorporated into your everyday routine. She provides all the information you need to get started. 


Laura Fuentes Food Lifestyle Entrepreneur is passionate about cooking healthy meals, eating delicious food, writing family meal plans, and promoting intermittent fasting. Her love for these things has inspired countless people to take control of their daily diets.  Through her guides and cookbooks, Laura shares her expertise and supports readers to help them adopt healthy eating habits which lead them to a happier life. Whether you are looking for some delicious recipes or finding fitness recipes, Laura’s blog is a trusted source for anyone looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Laura Fuentes Food Lifestyle Entrepreneur – FAQs

Q.1 Who is a food lifestyle entrepreneur?

A: Someone who’s passionate about food and starts their own business in the food or culinary business is a food entrepreneur. 

Q.2: How do you become an entrepreneur in food?

A: You can become a food entrepreneur by doing the following:

  1. Have a passion for food and have knowledge about different types of cuisines.
  2. Try to acquire hands-on experience in the kitchen or a bakery to get practical knowledge on making food.
  3. Start small by opening a bakery or a shop of your own.
  4. Create your online presence and let people know you’re in business.
  5. Start scaling your business and either open a bigger business or expand your offerings.

Q.3: Is being a food entrepreneur profitable?

A: Yes, with proper infrastructure and planning, you can make your food business profitable and become a successful food entrepreneur.


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