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Oh So Jack fashion male grooming lifestyle guide

Looking good isn’t just for keeping up appearances anymore; it has become a necessity in today’s world. As a man, you must look your best self; one of the best ways to do it is when you dress to impress. But it’s not just about what you present on the outside, as your mannerism and hygiene go hand in hand with your outfit. All of these things come under one word, “personal grooming.” And that’s what, oh so Jack fashion male grooming lifestyle ideology is all about. Let us take you through each step.

Using Self-Care Products is Key to Oh So Jack Fashion Male Grooming Lifestyle

Males often associate beauty products with women. Yes, women love having beauty regimes and using all sorts of beauty products to become their best version. But it doesn’t mean men can’t use targeted products, especially towards them. The top beauty products we recommend you incorporate into your daily routine to follow the Oh So Jack fashion male grooming lifestyle.


Beauty serums have been around for decades, and they were mostly targeted toward women. Nowadays, there are a plethora of options for serums that target different beauty needs for men as well.

Men are known to despise beauty creams; applying them feels like a ton of work, and their face becomes discolored after applying them. Serums are lightweight, oil-based, water-based formulas that are much more potent and less harmful than beauty creams. They dissolve right on your face and don’t even make your face shiny.

Each serum targets the different needs of men. Serums are your go-to product if you have acne, need to remove sun tan, moisturize your skin, or improve your overall facial health.

Face Wash

Using a face wash instead of some soap to cleanse your face is essential. After a hectic daily routine that requires you to travel from place to place, work in humid conditions, or simply on your desk, dirt accumulates on your face. This accumulation is bad as dirt contains bacteria that can lead to skin issues like acne.

Using face wash right after you wake up and right after you reach home from a busy day can make a lot of difference. It cleanses your face of any bacteria and makes you look significantly refreshed.

We recommend trying different face wash products and seeing which works best for your skin.

Hair Pomade

Men prefer styling hair gels or hair sprays before they head out. Although these are viable and popular products, they do more harm than good. Hair gels or sprays have several harmful chemicals that give you your perfect hairstyle at the expense of damaging your hair. However, hair pomades made from natural ingredients are a healthier alternative as they give you that “Slick” look without compromising hair health.

Hair pomades are a wax-Esque substance that sticks to your hair and lets you style them however you want. Several products have nutritional content in them as well that nourishes your hair while also making them look great.

Best Tips From the Oh So Jack Fashion Male Grooming Lifestyle

Now that we’ve only some of the beauty products you can use to boost your looks without compromising on health let’s talk about some practices you need to adapt.

Shave Atleast Once a Week

It doesn’t matter if you keep an awesome beard or like to keep a clean shave; it’s critical that you maintain it. Having rough facial hair puts off a bad impression on the people you meet. Even if we minus impressions from the equation, extra facial hair will bother you when you try to eat, sleep, or do any other activity.

Try to make a shaving regime where you shave at least once every week or two. This will keep your looks on point and also boost your self-confidence. Apart from facial hair, keep other regions maintained to avoid any weird looks during your intimate hours.

Keep Your Nails Short

Take out 5 minutes from your month and maintain your nails. People pay close attention to your hands naturally, right after your face. Especially when you’re in a meeting or presenting something important, gesturing with your hands is natural to emphasize critical aspects. Now you don’t want to put off your boss during a meeting, would you?

Use quality clippers and maintain your nails every month to keep your hands looking great. It’s also a great idea to get a manicure as it’s catching quite a mainstream appeal for men nowadays.

Use a Nice Fragrance

Bewitch people with your scent; no, I’m not just talking about your body wash. Using a nice mass-appealing fragrance is a great idea to wow people before they even see you.

There are several types of fragrances, each for different occasions. Whether in the office or on a hot date, you must wear a frag that fits the occasion.

Wear it for nighttime or colder months if the scent is darker and feels strong. If the scent is light and smells soapy and fresh, wear it in the daytime or in the summertime. Anything in between you can basically wear anytime and anywhere. This is a basic explanation as the fragrance rabbit hole goes deeper. But this is a good starting point to figure out your colognes.

Dress According to Occasion

I’ve seen men wearing shorts at a formal event, yes, they exist, and they look ridiculous. Trust me, your bank balance or a nice car isn’t going to impress anyone as long as you don’t dress to impress.

Know what goes well with what type of occasion, and don’t mismatch your selection. Your dressing sense decides how other people perceive you. Not just perception but also how you feel about yourself and how you’ll act. If you want to look sharp and turn heads, always wear something decent according to the occasion.

Let Your Mannerisms do The Talking

Manners, Maketh Man! These surely are some words to live by and definitely something that should always be at the back of your mind. Everything from walking and eating to behaving with others can boost your self-esteem or plummet it into the ground.

Try to be subtle with everything you do, be a good listener even if it bores you, take charge of the conversation, present interesting topics to discuss, and more. Even if you’re an introvert and fail at making conversations, try to impress people with how you act alone.

Did You Enjoy Our Oh So Jack Fashion Male Grooming Lifestyle Guide?

Here is just a taste of what the Oh So Jack fashion male grooming lifestyle has in store for you. Try experimenting with other things, like using new products and fragrances, or try unique outfits to boost your appeal. In the end, your confidence drives everything, and always try to feel good about what you’re doing, even if you make mistakes along the way. Since it’s through errors, we learn and improve as a human.


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