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Raising Three Savvy Ladies: NYC Lifestyle Blog

What is Raising Three Savvy Ladies?

“Raising Three Savvy Girls NYC Lifestyle Blog” offers an intimate perspective of life and parenting for a family with three young daughters living in New York City. Not only does the blog focus on family matters, but it also covers topics such as fashion, lifestyle, travel, entertainment, education, and health from an insider’s perspective of raising three kids in such an exciting city.

Raising three Savvy Ladies provides practical advice for parents living in the city, as well as an insider’s look into daily life for urban families. From finding the best family restaurants to getting tips on public transportation – to discovering fun indoor and outdoor educational activities for your kids. Raising three Savvy Ladies is a valuable resource for parents seeking ideas and inspiration.

Kerri and Lauran: The Creator Of Raising Three Savvy Ladies

Raising Three Savvy Ladies is an NYC-based lifestyle blog run by Kerri and her younger sister Lauran. Kerri originally started it and has been blogging for nine years; when readers started pouring in, Lauren joined her too. The site covers various topics from lifestyle trends to education.

Kerri offers her opinions and advice for products, style trends, activities, travel destinations, and health topics. Her writing focuses more on women over 40. As a full-time elementary school teacher, she manages her blog with some guest writers; in the past, she’s also written for various websites.

Lauran Vonlon is both a writer for Raising Three Savvy Ladies and an experienced retail worker. She loves writing about self-grooming and food trends, as well as participating in events for the blog. Lauran and Kerii enjoy working together; sharing stories online is always enjoyable!

7 Tips for Creating a Blog Like Raising Three Savvy Ladies

  1. Adopt a Personal Touch: Raising Three Savvy Ladies NYC Lifestyle Blog stands out for its genuine approach and unique style. Infuse your own individual styles and opinions into your posts for maximum impact.
  2. Highlight Local Experiences: This blog showcases the best of NYC living, such as fine dining establishments, activities, and events. Try writing more about your own community experiences for added insight.
  3. Make Use of Attractive Images: Your blog should feature stunning, attractive images of high quality to complement your writing. Make sure your website includes strong visual elements which help to support the content.
  4. Write about what inspires you: The authors behind the Raising Three Savvy Lady blog are passionate about their writing and provide readers with helpful details. Make sure that the topics you write about resonate with you too!
  5. Stay Ahead of the Curve: Votre blog provides up-to-date news from NYC and beyond, keeping you informed on events in your neighborhood.
  6. Create a sense of community: Craft captivating content that intrigues readers and compels them to connect with you via blog posts and social media platforms. Stay in the know!
  7. Be relatable: The blog is relatable to its readers. Write about topics that are relevant to your audience’s interests covering health, parenting, fashion, etc

The Impact of Raising Three Savvy Ladies on Today’s Fashion Trends

Raising Three Smart Girls The NYC Lifestyle blog has a major influence on current fashion trends. It stands out for its honest content that provides readers with up-to-date info on everything from clothes to food preferences.

Raising Three Savvy Women authors are trendsetters themselves, providing tips for living a more comfortable lifestyle in NYC such as eating out and how to live your life, all the way to what to wear, and where to go. Many people turn to them for tips on living healthy fashion tips, style advice, and lifestyle tips.

Blog writing often focuses on family life and parenting. It provides numerous tips and advice for raising a child while maintaining a work-life balance, which has helped highlight the difficulties of modern parenting and created an understanding among many readers.

Raising Three Smart Ladies has become a go-to source for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle advice that has inspired thousands of readers around the world. Their blog encourages individuals to express themselves uniquely while exploring interests they may not have previously considered.


“Raising Three Smarty Ladies NYC Lifestyle Blog” is a beloved blog among women and an influential force in current fashion and lifestyle trends. Kerri and Lauran are known for their personal touch and practical advice, making the blog an indispensable source for many. The writers of Raising Three Savvy ladies have created an incredibly supportive community. It keeps entertaining and motivating readers with practical advice for modern parenting as well as sharing their own experiences as smart women living in NYC.


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