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Stephanie Drenka Dallas Fashion Travel Blogger Photographer


Stephanie Drenka: Dallas Fashion, Travel Blogger, Photographer is a Korean and also a writer, president, and co-founder of the Dallas Asian American Historical Society whose purpose is to preserve, research, and enhance the legacy of Asian Americans in the Dallas region.

Stephanie was adopted by a white family in Chicago when she was only three months old. After enrolling in the Asian American Studies course in college at DePaul University, she earned her Bachelor of Arts in communication, with minors in Asian American Studies and Women’s Studies, and soon became a part of student society. And later he jumped into studying Korean history.

Stephanie Drenka’s Fashion, Travel Blogger, Photographer Blog Topics

Stephanie Drenka is a Dallas-based fashion photographer, traveler, and blogger. She has her own blog Stephaniedrenka which is filled with posts on beauty, fashion, health, food, adoption, home decor, tech, and more.

Stephanie is an avid photographer and traveler who shares her travel experiences with her readers through blogs.

The blog features Stephanie’s everyday outfits, including tips for shopping at the store or online, and discussions about various topics such as traveling, healthy eating, and cooking recipes. 

She keeps posting content with several snaps in it. She’s always sharing her personal experiences with followers, regardless of whether they’re good or not. She’s very much confident in her own abilities and all she does for herself and for others. Every day, she’s accomplishing evermore.

Stephanie’s Heart-Warming Adoption History

In 2008, While in South Korea as part of the Leadership Conference, she decided to make an appointment with her adoption agency, Eastern Social Welfare Society. A social worker led her through the facility and afterward, sat down to go through my file. her parents were given an outline of my adoption history, which included the details of her mother’s birth and my birth father’s. 

Drenka was already aware of her biological father. He had died in a traffic accident when he was driving a taxi but couldn’t save him. She learned that she was the oldest of two biological sisters and might not know that I existed. The next day, when Drenka was at the agency She finally made the decision to begin the official search for the birth family.

For five years, She kept searching for them. The adoption agency sent Drenka telegrams to the final address listed as her mother’s birth. She attended a Korean public television program to share her story, hoping someone if someone recognize her. Drenka began to think that my family from my birth did not want to talk about me. Perhaps the family moved on without thinking about her. The labels that have been haunting her for many years came back.

Unwanted. Forgotten. Abandoned.

After making a last attempt to contact them prior to my wedding, a courageous social worker resisted the rules of the agency and contacted her sister’s biological mother directly. On September 2 in 2013, Drenka got an email message from the social worker. She found her birth family, and they were happy that they had found me.

Stephanie Drenka: Her Life’s Mission

Women of Asian descent have been tied to sexual discrimination and racism for a very long time. Drenka was adopted from Korea and later experienced this firsthand. Her mission is to provide secure places for women to talk about their experiences.

She had a digital camera that her grandfather had bought her, and she began snapping away. Asian American women have learned an extensive history of racism against women.

When Drenka got the news that eight people had been killed in three different spas located in the Atlanta region Six of them were women of Asian origin– Drenka stated that the lessons she had learned in school never stopped coming back to her.

In late March, Drenka organized a live town hall that was titled “Responding to Anti-Asian Violence” hosted by Dallas Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation. There Drenka served as the organization’s communications director.

Many Asian American women attended the event and stepped forward to talk about their heartbreaking experiences of being sexually harassed. Drenka was determined to provide women with a safe place.

She also organized events at colleges and universities and regularly posts social media feeds that contain interesting tidbits that people can find out more about.

However, she reminds herself that not all respect needs to be earned. Therefore, in her free time, she plays yoga, piano, and cuddles Daisy, her pet. Daisy.

Stephanie Drenka Travel Blogger Achievements In Life

  • Stephanie also served as communications director for Dallas Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation, as part of a nationwide 14-place initiative run by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.
  • Stephanie’s writing and photography have been published in the Washington Post, Huffington Post, USA Today, ABC News, and Newsweek.
  • She was the 2019-21 Public Voices Fellow and is currently a  Facilitator/Coach at the OpEd Project.
  • She is also a founder of the VISIBLE Magazine, the first online magazine that is actively promoting the voices of people whose voices were previously excluded by traditional media outlets.
  • Based on her experiences as a Dallas Public Voices Fellow with The OpEd Project, she created VISIBLE Magazine, an online publication that focuses on stories from communities that aren’t represented yet.
  • She was the previous Director of Communications of Big Thought and serves on the board of the Union.


Many of Drenks’s followers are influenced by her lifestyle. You can follow stephaniedrenka’s blog to get advice and valuable suggestions. If you want to get motivated and do something in your life, you can easily get tips for shopping, food, and travel experiences through her blogs. Her life blog Stephaniedrenka, motivates individuals to adopt an active lifestyle and can fill you with so much positive energy. Stephanie Drenka Dallas Fashion Travel Blogger Photographer has many great achievements that inspire other ladies all over the city. 


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