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10 Best Wall Paint Design Ideas with Masking Tape

Masking tape is your common household item that you can find lying around your house. However, by using this seemingly common item and hit it with a splash of creativity, you can turn your ordinary walls into a masterpiece. If you’re as excited as I am, then let’s explore 10 Best Wall Paint Design Ideas with Masking Tape that are bound to transform your living space for the better. Each design idea is unique and is bound to give your home a fresh feel similar to a pain job but at a fraction of a cost.

Keep It Simple With Stripes And Lines

Stripes and lines are the most straightforward approach to wall design. It keeps the room simple yet elegant by dividing the wall into multiple colors. Pick a plain wall, measure the size, look for the patterns, select color, and paste the masking tape by keeping space between lines.

You can draw vertical and horizontal lines with masking tape and paint the wall with your own choice of color, and then after it gets dry peel away every single strip of it. These types of patterns look stunning and add depth and interest to your boring bedroom. 

Create Vibrant Color Blocks

You can also brighten up your wall by creating some stunning and colorful blocks. By using some bold colors you can easily transform your wall to the next level. To implement this design, paint the wall with a base color. Once it’s dried, paste the masking tape in a block shape and then paint the wall.

These patterns can be done horizontally as well as vertically and require less tape. Moreover, you can also paint your windows and door in the same blocking pattern in a different color contrasting with your furniture. If you have general knowledge about color wheeling, you can find it a fun activity to paint color blocks.

Be Uniquely Creative With 3d Boxes

If you don’t have prior experience then you should consult a professional for a 3d wall. Planning comes first when you are about to place a 3d print on your wall. There are several 3d walls paint ideas including a series of lines, geometric patterns, or an abstract shape. It has an impressive look that makes it stand out from the printed and sheet walls.

Tiles Design In Classic

These titles look great on walls to create a classic look. These are commonly known as brick shapes. With proper planning and implementation of brick tiles, the final results can look refined and polished. Before drawing the pattern on the wall, one must measure the size of the wall and finalize the size of each title shape accordingly and also make sure the lines are precise. 

Masking Tape Makes Excellent Stencils

If you want to add some creativity to your wall and wow your guests, you can go for a stencil with painter’s tape. You will find multiple patterns like shapes, symbols, animals, flowers, letters, etc. First, hold, or paste the stencil with painter’s tape, and then apply the paint to it.

These patterns are considered better than the wallpaper walls that you can proudly show off. These are the easiest way to paint your walls and can be a fun activity for your kids.

Modern Grid Patterns Are Cool

Gridding can be a fun task if you’re going to make your room like a rainbow with a small portion of paint. Otherwise, you may also go for neutral colors. Get yourself a measuring tape, high-quality brushes, painter’s tape, and paints of different colors. To line up your grids straight, ensure that you put the grid tape equally and balanced.

Add A Funky Twist With Wavy Lines

It’s a little tricky to make wavy curves on the wall. Before starting to paste the tape, you should do it with a light pencil to ensure it gives a polished look after the paint gets dry. The next step is to stick the masking tape following the curves by smoothly coaxing the tape onto the wall. Moreover, it depends on you if you want wider or thin lines for the wall design. 

Masking Tapes Creatives Beautiful Typography

Typography is a beautiful art style in itself. Now you can use that art style to give your walls a touch of personality. Some popular phrases you can put up on your wall include motivational quotes, favorite lyrics, or your name, etc.

The Diamond Pattern Is Everyone’s Go-To Choice

A diamond pattern is a unique and creative painting idea that you can easily dIY to have a modern living space. Designing a diamond pattern wall paint design adds a touch of luxury to any room in your home. Additionally, these patterns can invigorate and brighten up your rooms and lounge with neutral colors. 

Do Half And Half By Mixing Two Designs Together

You can design your room or a tv lounge with two different tones of colors. This is considered one of the easy DIY home tasks. All you need is to divide the walls into two and stick the masking tape to create the boundaries. You may choose the same color but of different tones such as light or dark, otherwise you can paint your wall into two different colors. 

Did You Find Our Guide On Masking Tape Wall Paint Design Ideas With Tape Helpful?

We hope that our guide on Masking Tape Wall Paint Design Ideas With Tape was helpful and provided you with great inspiration. Whether you’re looking to create some abstract pattern or fine accents, these painter’s tape can definitely freshen your space. Moreover, you can also use masking tape in place of painter’s tape. So, all you need is to keep your mind open for fresh ideas that will look great on your walls. 


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