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A Guide To Dress Like A Reindeer For School

Are you finding a fun way to express your school spirit? Dressing like a reindeer for school can be an exciting option for holiday celebrations. Even if you have any other special occasion such as school events, friends get-togethers, holiday parties, or just for fun, a reindeer costume can be a fantastic idea. So, in this guide, we will discover some impressive ways to dress like a reindeer to spread a joyous holiday vibe.

Why Dress Like A Reindeer For School Event?

Many schools held holiday events or parties where both teachers and students are encouraged to wear a specific type of costume. Dressing up in festive attire could be a great way to express enthusiasm. Moreover, some schools held plays and performances where students are assigned to wear different costumes. 

Dressing like a reindeer could be the best option if the event has a holiday or winter theme. All in all, reindeer costumes also depend on the school event or theme which suits them well. It could be the best way to have fun with your friends, share your outfit ideas with them, and also get inspiration from them.

Some Tips For Creating A Reindeer Costume

Start by selecting an outfit in brown to look like a reindeer, matching its fur colors. If you want to add even more texture, use fabric fur or patches that can be attached easily to your garment for a complete reindeer vibe.

Next, add antlers – these are the main feature of a reindeer outfit. To make them, you will need dark brown felt, a headband, and cardboard. Shape the antlers first from cardboard, and cut them out in antler shapes from felt before covering them with glue. Alternatively, paint the antlers with a mix of black and brown paint for a wood grain effect.

Make a red nose like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer with this easy craft: get a foam ball and paint it red with acrylic paint to create his iconic nose. If you don’t have enough items to craft one yourself, purchase a ready-made red clown nose that matches your costume for easy convenience.

Reindeer Costume Ideas For Kids And Adults

Ideas For Kids

There are plenty of outfit options for kids such as short frocks, jumpsuits, rompers, and fur skirts with a top that creates a fantastic festive look. You can also add some accessories to complement your outfit that makes a complete look into a cute and cuddly reindeer for your party.

  • Jumpsuits

A jumpsuit with a white belly could be a great idea for your kids if you planning to create a reindeer-inspired outfit. It’s the perfect outfit for winter mornings with colder weather and outdoor events to keep your kid warm and comfortable.

  • Short Frock 

It can also work well for a reindeer costume and is the easiest way to prepare your kid for this upcoming weekend. Find some online stores that give a wooden brown effect more like a reindeer. Additionally, you can accessorize your out with antlers, face painting, neckline fur, or nose.

  • Brown Fur Skirts

If you want to add some texture and warmth to your outfit then find a light brown faux fur skirt and pair it with a chocolate brown or off-white colored top.  

Ideas For Adults

  • Dark Brown Cardigan

This cozy and versatile outfit consists of a dark brown cardigan with fur trim, paired with a white blouse, skinny jeans, and knee-high boots. Accessorize with some antlers, red gloves, and a red nose for the ultimate reindeer look. This outfit is great for casual days while still channeling the holiday spirit!

  • Jumpsuits

Opt for a jumpsuit in an eye-catching color such as red or green and accessorize with some antlers, metallic heels, and statement jewelry. It would look fantastic at college holiday parties or other festive events.

  • Dark Pants With Leather Jacket

This daring ensemble features dark pants paired with a black leather jacket and a white blouse. Add some holiday flair by accessorizing with antlers, black boots, and a red nose. This look is ideal for taking the reindeer theme in an unexpected direction; it would look great at high school or college on casual days.


Dressing like a reindeer for school can be a fun and festive way to celebrate a special occasion. With some creativity and a few basic items, you can easily create a reindeer-inspired outfit that is both playful and nice for the classroom. Whether you decide to go all out with antlers and a red nose or just add some reindeer accessories to your regular attire, dressing like a reindeer is sure to bring a smile to your classmates’ faces and spread some holiday cheer. We hope our article got you excited and ready to have your child dressed up as a reindeer and looking cute as ever. If you got any questions, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Dress Like A Reindeer For School – FAQs

Q.1 How To Dress Like A Reindeer In School Without Making Fun Of Myself?

A: Choose a more mature and sophisticated clothing item like a fur-trimmed cardigan, jumpsuit, or dress, or leather jacket. This will give you a decent look while also maintaining the reindeer theme. 

Q.2 What Are The Places I Can Find Reindeer-Themed Clothing?

A: You can easily find reindeer-themed clothing items in your local Walmart, thrift stores, or any departmental stores in general. Checking online on sites like Etsy is also a great way to get quality reindeer outfits. 

Q.3 How To Make Reindeer-Themed Clothing Items For School?

A: Making your own reindeer outfit is simple and you can pull it off perfectly. Simply use fabric paints or markers to detail a plain outfit. Add fur and antlers to the outfit to give it more character.


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