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Different Doors Travel blog is a group of websites that act like an online journal that documents a person’s travel experiences and often includes information about destinations, travel tips, and personal anecdotes. A travel blog aims to share travel information and inspiration with others.

Article Highlights

  • Different Doors Travel blog websites act as online journals for people to record their travel experiences.
  • People provide detailed information on the destination they visit, the culture they experience, the food they enjoy, and any important tips people should know about.
  • Our top picks for travel journaling websites include Jessie on a Journey, Landlopers, Be My Travel Muse, Emmie Luxton, and Travel Hack.

What are Different Doors Travel Blog Websites?

Travel bloggers use their blogs as a platform to document and share their personal travel experiences, either for personal use or share them with friends and family. Many also monetize their blogs through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or advertising.

People blog about their travel experiences by writing about the places they’ve visited, the things they’ve seen and done, as well as the people they met. Photos and videos often accompany these entries to enhance the visual appeal of the blog. Some bloggers also include detailed information regarding the costs of their trip, how they planned their itinerary, and any changes they would make differently in retrospect.

Travel bloggers often include reviews of hotels, restaurants, and other travel-related products as well as tips and advice for budget travel, solo travel, v and other types of journeys.

5 Different Doors Travel Blog: Follow The Best Travel Bloggers In USA/UK

Jessie On a Journey

Jessieonajourney is a travel blog chronicling the adventures of a young woman named Jessie as she travels around the world. With stunning photography, insightful travel advice, and personal anecdotes, readers feel as if they’re accompanying Jessie on her journey. It provides great inspiration and practical information for anyone aspiring to take off and explore.

Jessie’s enthusiasm for travel is infectious – whether she’s exploring the streets of Paris or trekking through Nepal’s mountains. Her blog is a must-read for anyone who loves to travel or needs inspiration for their next journey. With Jessieonajourney, you can discover new places and explore the world from the comfort of your own home.

Jessie on Journey posts provides reviews and advice for travel bloggers. Whether you’re a solo wanderer looking for an exciting sense of adventure, someone seeking something different, or an aspiring writer with the goal of making travel both your passion and source of income – Jessie has something unique to offer.

Jessie began this thrilling journey while studying travel blogging and has since transitioned into a blogger who teaches students. In 2018, Jessie earned the award for being a female solo traveler. To find out more about Jessie, follow along on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube!

Landlopers by Matt Long

Matt is the creator of the Landlopers blog and has been traveling the world since 2007. On his site, he shares his adventures through stunning photography and well-written articles.

Landlopers’ blog covers not only travel destinations, but also luxury travel, food and wine, outdoor activities, and sustainable living. Matt’s enthusiasm for discovering new places and cultures comes across in every post he writes – his style is both captivating and informative. As a result, Matt has been featured in prominent publications like Forbes, National Geographic, and Conde Nast Traveler.

Are you planning your next vacation or simply seeking to ignite your wanderlust, Landlopers is the ideal destination. Matt’s blog offers a wealth of travel information and his enthusiasm for discovering new places is infectious. Follow along as he embarks on this adventure and add new destinations to your travel bucket list!

Be My Travel Muse

Kristin Addis was born in Los Angeles and quickly discovered a passion for writing, painting, and reading history books. At the tender age of 16, she quit her job, ended her contract, and said goodbye to her family to pursue this interest by traveling. Packing only a carry-on suitcase, she bought a one-way ticket to Bangkok where she launched her blog.

Kristin has had many thrilling adventures since then, such as riding across China on her own. Additionally, she free dive with humpback whales hiked for 14 days without a guide in Nepal without assistance, and led women’s adventure tours around the globe. Additionally, for 10 days Kristin became a Buddhist nun!

Numerous publications such as Vogue, Buzzfeed, the Washington Post, Business Insider, and Cosmopolitan have reached out to her for travel advice for women.

The Travel Hack

Monica is a Cardiff-based blogger and travel writer, known for her adventures around Australia and Asia in 2009. As an Englishwoman living in North Wales with her partner Sam and three kids, Monica blogs about everyday life in the countryside as well as occasional exciting adventures. Her website The Travel Hack chronicles all her travels for readers around the world.

Monica shares travel advice and tips to get you out and exploring the world. Additionally, she provides ideas for fun family days out as part of The Travel Hack blog series, which chronicles her weekend trips and budget-friendly breaks. It’s also a platform that celebrates micro-adventures, motherhood, and getting out with your kids.

Emily Luxton

Meet Emily, a full-time UK travel blogger who specializes in solo female travel and loves adventure, food, Harry Potter, hiking, and beaches – not to mention cake! Emily hails from Weymouth, a small seaside town on England’s South Coast. With multiple awards and publications under her belt, she has established herself as an accomplished travel blogger and freelance writer.

Emily operates two blogs, “Emily Luxton Travels” and “Dorset Travel Guide”, where she shares her personal travel stories and experiences; the latter serves as an in-depth guide to traveling in Dorset, England where she is a local expert. Emily began writing professionally when she was sixteen; five months after quitting her day job to pursue travel writing full-time with an ex-boyfriend on a five-month journey around South America.


In 2023, the top travel blogs offer readers a wealth of unique perspectives and experiences. These blogs provide useful guidance for various types of journeys such as solo female travel, budget-friendly tips, sustainable living practices, and adventure-seeking. These blogs showcase award-winning bloggers as well as local experts, offering a diverse array of voices and perspectives. These resources are ideal for readers planning their next trip; they provide comprehensive information for anyone passionate about travel and seeking inspiration. With so many excellent options, there’s something here for everyone – making them must-reads for anyone wanting to explore all facets of travel blogging.

The Top 5 Different Doors Travel Blog in 2023 –  FAQs

Q.1 What Are The Types Of Different Doors Travel Blog?

A: There are several types of Different Doors Travel Blog including luxury, adventure, family, solo, food, culture, and sustainable travel blogs. 

Q.2: Why should I read from Different Doors Travel Blogs before planning a vacation?

A: You’ll get a great insight into the destination you’re about to visit. You’ll know hows the weather, popular locations, food, and people are like there before you head out.

Q.3: Can I book a holiday through these travel blogs?

A: Most travel blogs include affiliated booking links that offer great deals on vacation packages. So not only will you learn about your dream destination, but you can also quickly and easily book it right then and there.


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