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My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog

My Little Babog is a family life and travel site that gives readers important information and tips for families traveling with kids. It’s a family of four that provides a unique view of family travel and life since it covers a broad range of subjects that are pertinent to parents as well as children.

Kellie and her husband created the blog in order to offer readers practical guidelines and suggestions on how to organize and plan family excursions along with reviews of family-friendly resorts, hotels, and holiday destinations.

The Story Behind My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog

My Little Babog is a lifestyle blog that also covers travel adventures. Topics range from babies and pregnancy to gardening projects and home decor ideas – Kellie started this venture out of a desire to share something about herself and her family with the world!

She’s always wanted to start a blog, but as a mom of two, she knows it takes a lot of work to stay connected and communicate. One of her closest friends, Sue, helps her with spelling checks and encouragement on keeping up with the blog – something which should not be underestimated!

Kellie had always desired to be an author and had been crafting poems about her life for several years. After her father passed away, counselors suggested writing the poem as a way of expressing her emotions moving forward. It proved an effective tool in the future as Kellie could continue crafting poems about herself.

Kellie had grand plans of attending IT Tallaght to study Media Studies 10 years ago but unfortunately didn’t receive a place on one of her courses on the CAO. Jojo and Kellie separated after three years but reunited five years later and welcomed Frankie into their lives – now six weeks old, sleeping, eating, cuddling, and smiling away! Kellie feels truly blessed to have such beautiful angels in her life.

Kayla, now 4 years old, was a crying baby for the first year after birth. She mostly slept in a stroller but is an enchanting princess. After an initial romance between herself and the father of her child, Kellie decided to part ways; but thankfully he remains a loving dad to this day; along with his partner. Over these past couple of years, they’ve developed an incredible bond together as parents as well as partners.

Reason Behind My Little Babog Blog Sucess

My babog is also active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Their blog allows readers to stay abreast of family lifestyle and travel trends while getting an inside look at the daily activities of the family.

My Little Babog stands out among other family travel blogs due to its emphasis on responsible and sustainable tourism. Through their work, the Babog Family strives to promote responsible travel practices and inspire families to explore the world in an environmentally friendly manner. They offer suggestions on eco-friendly accommodations and sustainable transportation methods, as well as other ways families can reduce their carbon footprint while traveling.

The blog places great emphasis on photography and videography, providing readers with a vivid representation of the destinations featured. Not only does this motivate them to take action for their family’s travels and lifestyle, but these photos and videos offer readers an exclusive peek into these documented experiences.

My Little Babog Blog Covers Different Topics

My blog not only specializes in sustainable travel but also covers a variety of lifestyle topics. They regularly post about health and wellness with information on fitness trends; additionally, they offer healthy eating tips, family activities, and recipes that everyone will love; plus there are posts about home decor ideas, parenting advice, and career guidance too!

They share their personal experiences and advice on balancing work and family life, which many parents can relate to. The blog appeals to a diverse range of readers, from those interested in family travel to those looking for inspiration for other areas of their lives.

My Baby readers appreciate the blog’s unique perspective on family travel. The family shares personal experiences as well as expert advice that builds readers’ confidence and trust, giving them a compelling reason to return time after time.

They offer invaluable guidance and suggestions about traveling with children. Topics such as prepping for the family trip or keeping kids occupied on long flights are two examples of helpful advice.


My Little Babog Family Lifestyle Travel Blog offers readers helpful tips to make the most of their vacation memories with their kids. By implementing sustainable travel practices offering a wide range of information and providing different perspectives on each post The blog has evolved into an essential source for families who want to maximize their vacations. The stunning photos and videography, paired with the personal impression of the family members, make it both reliable and fascinating for the readers.


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