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Turquoise Holidays: Luxury Travel Blog Holiday Inspiration

Planning a holiday with your family requires planning and making reservations before you embark. Now doing everything yourself can be tricky, especially if you haven’t traveled that much. This is where awesome traveling services Luxury travel blog holiday inspiration, turquoise holidays. Read the Luxury travel blog holiday inspiration turquoise holidays ahead to find out more about them. 

What is Luxury Travel Blog Holiday Inspiration By Turquoise Holidays?

Turquoise was started at the beginning of 2002. You may be thinking it was not a good year to launch an operator of tours – the two-thirds Gulf War raged and the bird flu epidemic was at its peak but James bell and her spouse Sue made the decision to quit their cozy jobs and immediately joined Brian to set up their own Travel company.

While they had just one computer and Sue used to create brochures for the first time, the most difficult task was to come up with the name. After a myriad of possibilities and sleepless nights, they decided on Turquoise. James was always been awed by the iconic Tiffany blue box and its brand has always been pleasing and inspiring in many ways. 

Their main goal was to build an upmarket travel business that will come up with some elegance and romance back into the travel industry and James felt that the color ‘Turquoise’ was not only a perfect fit, however, it also wonderfully represented some of the oceans and the seas that have surrounded us with our top destinations.

It was a very busy and challenging phase of their lives. They say those three things you shouldn’t do in a row are to move to a new home, get married, or start an enterprise. They tried all three of them and are thrilled to have a chance to tell the whole story!

What Makes Luxury Travel Blog Holiday Inspiration Turquoise Holidays Unique?

Since the beginning, they have been extremely proud of the Turquoise label, and the several products they are offering. They’ve never been afraid of trying something new or unique believing that imitation is the most effective form of flattery. If that’s true, then we’ve been incredibly gratified throughout the years! 

The company is focusing its efforts on three markets such as family, holidays, honeymoons, and once-in-a-lifetime celebrations but in the beginning, honeymoons were the ones that helped them gain the upper hand in a highly competitive market.

Their aim was always to be innovative and original when it comes to product offerings and some of our greatest achievements are because of being unique and different from others in some way or another. Five words that were printed on the business cards that they use since the beginning and still remain the same, we do Authentic, Distinctive, Unique, Original, and Refreshing.

After the initial campaign began, it started to receive bulk inquiries for honeymoons and it quickly realized that while many tour operators offered honeymoons, none were specialized in it. Seu was creative and also had an experience in the marketing field, by using her expertise she was confident to build a brand that would be one of the most romantic tourism agencies in the UK.

Over time, they sell more than 10,000 destination honeymoons that a lot of happy couples would come back to us with their families.

In 2014, they released their first family brochure and created a special section on the website for families to list their holiday ideas. The market for families continues to expand and a huge percentage of their employees now have their own families.

Philosophy Behind Luxury Travel Blog Holiday Inspiration Turquoise Holidays?

Their philosophy is quite simple and based on just one word which is PASSION. Passion for the places they offer, and a passion for providing exceptional customer service with primary knowledge of the islands, countries hotels, regions, and accommodations we recommend to our customers. 

Turquoise Holidays don’t just focus on dates, flights, or hotels but our attention to the things we plan makes a Turquoise holiday. Its creativity is its real strength and that is what makes them unique from its competitors. 

The company is looking forward to transforming your visions into reality. They hope that clients take pleasure in reading about the things that make our company and our team truly distinctive.

Listening to Customers

Listening Properly to clients is among the essential skills a travel agent has to master. As tour operators, it’s their responsibility to pay attention to clients and their feedback. 

There’s no doubt that happy customers lead to greater sales, better marketing, and a more sustainable future for a company. Their team practice social listening engages online with the customers and creates a great customer service policy.

Customized According to You

Turquoise Holidays let you pick and choose the entire services of your trip, including accommodation and transportation, activities, Food, culture, and exploring the offbeat attractions. 

They can provide the assistance of local and independent experts to design and plan your customized trip. A team of experts creates special tours based on your preferences. Let them know what you expect such as transfer services, your planned destination, food preferences, etc. 

Get Your Money’s Worth

Make your money’s worth at “Turquoise Holidays” by taking advantage of their discounted trips. You may also customize your tour that will be according to your preferences and your budget.

They procure the hotels they use and air products directly from partners, ensuring that the rates and services are good in the market. Turquoise guarantees top-quality products, excellent service, and value for money.  Turquoise Holidays carefully select the properties they collaborate with, and regularly offers exclusive deals to customers. 

Industry Experts

Last Year, Turquoise Holidays sent twenty-two members of staff to 38 countries. They have visited more than 200 hotels. Turquoise does not sell anything haven’t even seen to make sure that they maintain standards. Luxury travel blog Turquoise holidays don’t sell things they don’t know or see in real.

Different Types of Luxury Travel Holiday Inspriration That Turquoise Holidays Offer


Beyond the history, exquisite food and drinks, stunning landscapes, and extremely friendly locals are waiting to meet you in this renowned region of Europe. There is plenty of stunning beaches to relax in while enjoying a vacation in the Mediterranean, particularly on the Balearic island known as Ibiza. There are many natural wonders and beaches that are still hidden and have not been discovered. It’s just a matter of knowing where to search.

Places to visit in the Mediterranean

  • Greece 
  • Italy 
  • Ibiza


When you are planning your honeymoon, Turquoise Holidays would like to thank you for finding the ideal partner with whom to spend the rest of your days! It is the single most memorable vacation you’ll ever have as It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. What you really require is sincere advice, expert knowledge, and a helping help to take you to your ideal destination. 

Once you arrive home the staff will ensure you’re satisfied with the entire process. The company is extremely proud to have a highly successful referral program for all customers. Simply let your friends and family inform us that you’ve referred them to Turquoise. They’ll be pleased to give you a present to express gratitude when they reach out.

They engraved all of the quotes with the seal and she personally delivered each quote with a red rose and a champagne bottle. Their honeymoon business got a boost, and nearly 15 years later, honeymoons and holidays for special occasions still account for the majority of our sales.

Make sure to inquire regarding their award-winning (and free!) gifts List service. At Turquoise, people know how important your honeymoon can be. Contact consultants to discuss the various honeymoon destinations they can offer and the unique benefits of booking with them. 

Honeymoon Destinations

  • Africa 
  • Australia 
  • Asia 
  • Caribbean 
  • Middle East 
  • South Pacific
  • Types of Honeymoon
  • Overwater bungalows
  • Adventure loves
  • Safari beach
  • Beach bliss
  • Island hopping
  • Mini moons
  • Babymoons

Tailor Made

The Turquoise Holidays team spent over the last 20 years searching to discover the best-kept secrets of the world including remote islands, trips to the culture, and the most hidden beaches for wildlife experiences. The staff crafts beautiful moments that last in your memory. In order to provide you with the finest experience with places, cultures, and attractions that will be imprinted in your heart the staff has scoured the world.

They are creating custom-made holidays to leave you with beautiful memories. The company doesn’t recommend any destination we haven’t experienced ourselves and you can rest assured that you’ll receive the most honest and first-hand information from our specialists for tailor-made holidays. 

The goal and vision are to discover new destinations and properties that represent our ideals. Since they don’t focus on hotels with gold taps or bellboys, but rather on quality, service, and expert advice. You can define luxury in many ways. At Turquoise, it is concerned with only one and that is yours.

Family Holidays

Your next family trip could be a daunting task, however, if done right, nothing will bring you more enjoyment. The majority of our luxurious hotels and resorts for families are child-friendly and have fantastic facilities, and childcare services, moreover they also provide outstanding value for the money. 

The world is divided into two groups the ones with kids and the ones who don’t. At turquoise, most staff are parents and have children of all ages, so let them take care of your family. Luxury travel blog holiday inspiration turquoise holidays invite all customers to make an appointment to meet our friendly Mums and Dads, to have the chance to talk and discuss possibilities for your next family vacation, including fresh coffee, sugar-free drinks, and an extensive collection of toys.

Destinations with Turquoise Holidays


Unique and once-in-a-lifetime adventure is here. It’s time to unleash your passion for adventure.


The Safari Rainforest, Jungle, or under the sea There is so much to discover!

Family beach holidays

Who doesn’t love the beach, with warm water, sunlight, and a bucket with them?

Kids Club

The bar is all set for a kids club for luxurious family vacations all over the globe!

School holidays

It’s impossible to go wrong with an all-inclusive sailing vacation for the family. Boats, kids, and island-hopping are three things that make a perfect combination

Water Babies

It’s impossible to go wrong with an all-inclusive sailing vacation for the family. Boats, kids, and island-hopping are three things that make a perfect combination.

Did You Find Our Guide on Luxury Travel Inspiration Turquoise Holidays Helpful?

And that’s all information you need to get started with vacation planning with a reliable travel service like turquoise holidays. We hope that you found our guide on Turquoise Holidays luxury travel inspiration informative. We hope that you have an amazing holiday either by yourself or with your loved ones.


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